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What are the techniques of using moxibustion?

There are a number of ways how moxa can be used. The most common method is to light the moxa stick and hold it close above the selected acupuncture point, and then slowly raising and lowering the stick allowing comfortable warmth to penetrate the area. Another method is to physically apply small sections of the moxa stick onto the end of the needles. This method allows a deeper type heat penetration that goes specifically into the acupuncture point.
The moxibustion technique is used by acupuncture practitioners for a number of reasons. One important aspect of moxibustion is to increase blood circulation.
If you think that just plain rubbing your hand on a sore knee will increase the blood supply to the area and provide some pain relief you will understand how beneficial applying the moxibustion method would be.
Many patients remark that they can feel the heat penetrating very deeply and yet not actually burn the skin. The heat and therapeutic benefit of moxibustion far outweighs the heat from infra red lamps.

Can moxibustion treat tiredness, weakness and depletion?

One of the fundamental diagnostic criteria of Chinese medicine is based on whether the condition of the patient is in deficiency and excess. If you can imagine a patient that has been working long hours, doing difficult and stressful work and living off stimulants to get them through the day, eventually they will start to have weakness, tiredness and even adrenal exhaustion. This is deficiency of energy in traditional diagnostic thought. Moxibustion, because of the heating nature is regarded as a yang tonic and can supplement the weakened energy state.